Seven twenty-ish old young men with the men's wear trend rompers on. They look celebratory with bottles of flowing champagne and whisky. They are leaning on a brick wall outside
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5 Reasons My Boys Won’t Be Wearing a Male Romper

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Let’s Get Real Mamas

I’m sure by now that you’ve heard of the RompHim and how it’s the latest men’s wear trend.

It’s pretty much the male romper that nobody asked for…

In case you’ve been under a rock the past few weeks or have much better things to do than scroll the social media feeds, here’s a little background.

What is a RompHim?

It’s the latest trend in men’s wear.

It’s a romper.

For guys.

According to them, it’s the mac daddy of rompers with all the bells and whistles.


Front shirt pocket, adjustable waist tabs, zippered back pockets and fly and deep front pockets just to name a few…

Romphim started seeking funding on Kickstarter on 5/9 for this project and needed $10,000 dollars to start wowing the world with their man one pieces and they’ve surpassed to date and have raised $364,240.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign for yourself!

They’ve still got 2 weeks left in their campaign, but I think we should brace ourselves because


Well, out there it is. But I can tell you one thing…

One place it won’t be happening tho, is THIS HOUSE.


And not just because I think that to qualify to wear a romper in my home you must have a have va-jay-jay but because there’s at least 5 reasons I can think of off the top of my head why my boys cannot handle the romper life.

If you’re a mom of boys…let me know if we’re on the same page!


I don’t want a sneaky peeky of any male parts or boy butt cheeks. Anyone who has worn a romper knows how they like to ride up your legs! The trendy outfit seems to be a little too fitted and a bit short for comfort. My boys always seem to be hunting a down a pair of underwear and I am not even trying to picture them in a romper sans draws.



Lotion is a lesson they haven’t mastered. I’m just gonna outright say it…They’re ashy. Ashy joints here, there, everywhere. It’s not for lack of cocoa butter, shea butter, Nivea or coconut oil in my house, either.


I really question how they’ll choose to use the bathroom. They’re already lazy as can be when it comes to poppin up the toilet seat to take a whiz. You’re trying to tell me they’re gonna have to fully unzip/unbutton to use the toilet? Get out of town. My shortcut sons are going to try and push the shorts to the side and pee out the bottom. And that can’t possibly end well for the floor or the romper.


And let’s stay on that topic for a minute…when they go to the bathroom, they’ll have to get fully undressed if they’re in a romper. That means, the whole outfit will hit the floor. Imagine this in a public restroom. I rest my case.


I don’t want them walking around looking like giant sized toddlers. In my house, the rompers are reserved for the ladies and Atlas, who is two. No one rocks a romper like a cute baby. And Atlas’ romper card expires in September so he better enjoy it while it last. 😉


Now my question to you about this new ‘men’s wear’ is this…

Will your son be rocking the latest fashion in men’s wear this summer?

Why or why not?

Let me know your opinion on the latest men’s wear in the comments!

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  1. Carly Delski

    LOL! Loved this post!! I’ve been hearing SO much about the Romphims. They are a trend that need to end!

    xx Carly |

  2. Melissa

    LOL this is so funny! I don’t think any of the men in my life will be jumping on the romper bandwagon any time soon either.

  3. Patricia @ Grab a Plate

    Ha! Cute post! And in all honesty, I had no idea THIS WAS REAL! I thought the RompHim was just a joke – not a real thing on Kickstarter! Oh, my!

  4. Bre Paulson

    Ugh, YES!!! So ridiculous. Rompers are meant for babies and toddlers. That has to look so weird when they have to pee. Standing there naked lol

  5. Devon

    Too funny! Honestly until I read this I had no idea boy rompers were a thing.

  6. Michelle C

    OMG…Can’t stop laughing! Yeah, I don’t get the point of the male rompers. SOOOO not happening here either.

  7. Debbie Nicholas

    As much as the PC brigade might disagree with me, some things just aren’t meant to be unisex!! Lol

  8. Denay DeGuzman

    Hahahahaa! Hands down, this is the most enjoyable post I’ve read all day. What a fun sense of humor. But seriously, these are all valid points for not purchasing mens rompers for your children. I think it’s a one-season fad. Or at least let’s cross our fingers and hope so!

  9. Brittany Ferrell

    Okay, you are so right, not only is this a very poor fashion trend for men, it really is impractical for kids. I put my daughter in a romp-her today and we went to have lunch by a nearby lake. The restrooms were clean, but you know…lake bathrooms and I had to strip her down every time she had to go potty. It’s enough to make you want to drink your lunch. No, thank you! Rompers be gone!

  10. Emma Campbell

    Haha your post was a great read. I don’t have any children at the minute, or any plans to have any in the near future. I dread to think what sort of weird fashion trends will be around if/when I have kids!

  11. Jalil Mehar

    hahha it’s very nice

  12. lauren

    Omg my hubby was telling me about male rompers but I thought he was joking lol!!!


  13. Taylor Walker

    I don’t have kids but I agree with all of this!!!

  14. Julie

    Too Funny!! No romphim’s for my son either!!

  15. Valerie Hansen

    This is the first I am hearing of this and I do fashion, where have I been..hahah..I totally concur..BIG NO on rompers for men…disgusting.


  16. Behind the Schmile

    Hahaha I love the new trend but valid points! Great post!

  17. Kelly

    I have a few rompers for my son, but he’s under two. I think he’ll start growing out of them soon!

  18. April Kitchens

    Haha, hilarious! I don’t even put my daughter in rompers! I don’t wear them either.

  19. Christy

    This cracks me up! My boys wouldn’t let me put this on them even if I wanted too!

  20. Veronica

    I can’t believe this was even invented honestly. Great reasoning! hahaha

  21. Becky

    This is true and funny! Rompers look super cute in babies, because even for girls(I have a 4yo) it’s a hassle to tinkle in a public restroom with a romper. So no rompers in my house 🙂 really liked this article.

  22. Nicole

    Lol what if they make a romphim with a peepee hole lol that’ll help tremendously. My vision of the romphim would be like the jumpsuits they currently have now. Which are really cute if worn correctly lol

  23. Rashida Goryawala

    Hahah, what a fun read!! Don’t have kids yet but I can totally relate with my brother’s sons!

  24. Hayden Scharrer

    Seriously, this is hilarious! HAHAHAHA! I am so with you (even though I have no boys), just a daughter. And I don’t want my man and I to accidentally be wearing the same romper or worse, his booty hanging out for the world to see!

  25. Nicole

    I love this!! And totally feel you! My son won’t be wearing one either. Lol. Thanks for the laughs!!

  26. Marcie

    Hahaha! The whole bathroom thing is why I don’t wear rompers myself! I can totally see my 3yo trying to pee out of the leg of the romper, like your boys!

  27. Lisa

    Thanks for all the chuckles. I have three girls and I don’t want them hanging out with guys in rompers! Ha ha ha

  28. Angela Walker

    Right? No way in this house either. 3 boys and they need to know how to dress like boys!

  29. Bailey

    ah hahaha. This post is cute. My toddler boy wears rompers all the time. He’s so freaking adorable in it, but he won’t be wearing ghtem once we start potty training. Even females don’t want to deal with that hassle – the hassle of using the bathroom

  30. Kassi

    I was seriously hoping that this trend wasn’t going to take off, but I am interested to see how it plays out. When I first saw it on social media, my immediate thought was how creative men would get when going to the washroom! haha

  31. Emily Meagher

    Oh my goodness this was so entertaining! I was never a fan of the male romper and it was not going to be introduced in my house past my 1 year old, but I was very curious when I saw the title of this post. NOW IT MAKES SENSE!! Loved it!

  32. Brandy

    Hahahah! What an awful fashion idea really. Totally gross.

  33. Ashlyn

    “Looking like a giant sized toddler… I AM DYING! Ha, I have a son and he definitely WILL not be wearing a romper after toddlerhood EVER!!

  34. Korin

    Lol. I am so interested in seeing how many romphims they actually sell!

  35. catie

    Hilarious and good point. I think my 11 year old would turn red then explode of embarrassment if I ever suggested he wear such a thing.

  36. Corinne -- My Mom Writes

    haha this is so great! i am still in shock that this is something that is trying to be marketed right now. i totally don’t get it. my boys will NOT be wearing one either. lol

  37. Mary Leigh

    This was so funny to me. I loved the gifs. I actually really like to wear rompers, and love to put my almost two year old son in them too. But, I’m not sold on them for guys. To each their own though, I guess. Still, hilarious post. The public bathroom one was my favorite!

  38. Jenn

    Super funny!! I do not like rompers at all. I barely let my child wear one. I guess they are running out of ideas in men’s fashion!

  39. Victoria - One Sharp Mama

    What a laugh! I have never understood rompers for girls, Let alone boys!?!? Craziness. My main problem is, like you said, the bathroom issue. I’d never put a girl in one as she would have to get fully undressed to pee… add in a girl who waits too long to pee or has crappy aim and you’ve got the recipes for major disaster. You won’t find me buying a romper for my daughter or hopefully, future son! My husband would kill me if I did or even if I bought one for him! Hahahahaha that would not fly! Crazy clothing trends need to GO

  40. Sunny

    Hilarious, and the GIFs made my day!!!! LOLOL So entertaining and yet so sad that these things are a thing!

  41. Kayla O'Neill

    Too funny! I have to take off the whole thing to go to the bathroom!??!?! Hilarious!! I didn’t even know this was a thing!

  42. Victoria

    I just can’t even believe male rompers are a thing! I don’t have kids yet, but they definitely wouldn’t be wearing a male romper! lol.

  43. Courtney Blacher

    Couldn’t agree more. And I LOVE your memes!

  44. Jasmine Hewitt

    yes to this whole post!!!! I see my por husband & son’s plumber butt enough….saying no to cheeks

  45. Inez

    I cant believe they have raised that much money. Who actyallynthink this is a good idea?!?! Loved this post, so funny! Munson isn’t potty trained yet biy i cant even imagine my 8 year nephew taking that thing off to pee. Highly doubtful!

  46. Marsha

    I’m with You! I have 2 boys and not that they’re interested, but they definitely won’t be wearing a romphim for all the reasons you stated. Plus, a romper is for women only, in my opinion.

  47. jhilmil

    This was a great post & those GIF’s.. Too hilarious! I need to accept my boy did wear the rompers 🙂

  48. Stevie

    I have a baby daughter who loves a good romper! But I can’t imagine my 7 year old brother wearing one 🙈

    I could just about accept the older kids and adult onesies… but common guys, we don’t need to carry on wearing baby clothes


  49. Anna

    Baaaah!!!! I can’t even believe this is a thing!!! 🤣🤣 And this post is hilarious!

  50. Caitlin

    Seriously dying over here! I had the exact same thought about my lazy son trying to pee out the bottom. Ewwww! Thanks for the laugh!

  51. Asea

    LOL! So many valid points. I don’t have a son, but I definitely would be concerned with the romper hitting the floor in a public bathroom. EW! Men don’t always aim well so lord knows that thing would be tainted. I couldn’t rock with this trend either. Too much for young boys.

  52. Mandy Allen

    I think I know a few men who might wear this but I know a lot more women who would NOT want them to!

    Enjoy the journey!

  53. Katherine

    This is all sooo true. Guy rompers are definitely a weird trend I am NOT loving!

  54. Caitlin @RogersPartyof5

    I am dying of laughter over here. If I see a male walking around in a romper I just might start giggling! Will this be normal in a few years? Gahh!

  55. Galen

    This was such a great read! These are all valid points!

  56. Clair

    Haha! This is awesome! I agree with all that you mentioned…can’t imagine my son coming any where near a romper. Let’s just say it would encourage him to be in the nude more often than he already is 😉

  57. Kimberly Hsieh

    I still can’t believe those things exist hahaha this was a funny post 🙂

  58. Cathaleen Montgomery

    lol I agree , this tickle me

  59. sheena

    This had me in splits. Such an amazing post, written so well and very engaging. I’m not a mamma yet but I totally get it! 🙂

  60. Lacee

    Hahaha! This post was so true and so funny! Why on earth are some things considered “fashionable”? Sheesh!

  61. Lilia

    Ahahaha this post is hilarious. I don’t have boys but I totally agree with you x

  62. The Gifted Gabber

    This title (and entire post) made my giggle so much! Your number 4 is especially spot on! Ugggh! Can you even imagine?! – Amy

  63. heidi

    Too funny, I can’t even fathom that any man would wear one. I really thought the whole male romper thing was a joke

  64. Natasha

    Yup. I can’t believe the things they keep coming out with! I thought it was a joke at first hahaha

  65. Kristie

    Yessss to this whole post!! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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