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My name is Kanani B. and I’m the busy momtrepreneur responsible for this kinda awesome blog. Just call me a Blogging Momtrepreneur and Work at Home Mastermind!

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I help moms who work from home strike the perfect work/life balance and keep their sanity when dealing with the stresses of work and home and I do that thru giving tips and telling about my personal experiences as a work at home mom on my blog. On the other hand, I also teach moms who are wanting to start home based blogs/businesses and I do that by providing tips, resources, community and consulting services (services coming soon!)

My Story

I'm sure you'd like to know, 'Well, Kanani, who the heck are you?'Click To Tweet

And to that my response would be, “I’m just a mom, trying to do my best and show my kids that they can really do whatever they want with their lives. No matter the obstacles, no matter the hardships that you WILL encounter. You can do it.”

My Motherhood Journey

I started my mom journey at 16, while in high school.

I was kinda dumb, stupid and unruly.

I know it’s cliche but I genuinely believe having my first son, Mikel, helped me really start putting things into perspective. 

mikel smiling and totally mommed it first son

My high school sweetheart and now husband, Michael and I worked our behinds off to do what was best for our family and we always kept our eyes open for opportunities to improve our lot in life, even when the odds seemed stacked against us.

Fast forward 12 years plus three more kiddos later and we’re the fun, family of 6, you know now. 

I work at home full time with an amazing health and wellness company that consists of no more than 40 people. No, it’s not an MLM business. It’s an actual salaried position with benefits that I’ve loved for almost 4 years.

I started there as a phone based customer service representative and worked my way up to virtual contact center manager. It’s been amazing to create systems, measure key performance indicators and learn so much about the world of online marketing and customer experience. 

While I’ve enjoyed my position within this amazeballs company, I never stopped looking for that side hustle that I could turn into a full-time biz that allowed me to have true financial freedom and the ability to be present in my kids day to day life whenever I wanted. 

And that’s when I decided to take my skills to a whole new level, start a blog and CREATE my own space. 

And that is how ‘Totally Mommed It’ was started. 

Totally Mommed It was something I’d say to myself at the end of a long day that I absolutely slayed working on my laptop, did a load of laundry, helped someone with homework and got dinner on the table at a decent time. 

Yup, totally mommed it. 

Totally Mommed It was what I’d whisper when I would be up late working on my blog and then wake up early to do it, too, because I wanted to optimize my quiet time when the kids were in bed. 

Yup, totally mommed the heck outta that. 

You see, Totally Mommed It is something that I feel when I’m totally rocking out this mom journey while walking in my own momtrepreneur journey to be the best at what I do. 

Well, what DO you do, Kanani?

What I do is help moms who work from home strike the perfect work/life balance and keep their sanity when dealing with the stresses of work and home.

I help aspiring momtrepreneurs get clear on what they can do to start a work at home business, grow it and nurture it to success. We strategize turning ideas into actions and actions into money.

I help moms who are already in their momtrepreneur journey set goals, reach goals and make NEW ones!

I do this by experimenting on my own blog and sharing what works and doesn’t in my blog posts.

I do this by being available within an awesome and FREE Facebook group that I created just for the #MomBosses in my life.

The purpose of this group is to give existing and aspiring momtrepreneurs a place to ask for help when they’re struggling, get ideas to keep moving ever forward and to celebrate the small and big wins that often go unnoticed by those who don’t have a hustle of their own. It is a place where moms who are in the IDEA phase of their hustle can come and bounce ideas and get advice from a community of #MomBosses who have been in that stage of biz. It’s also a place for moms who have reached a plateau in their own hustles to get some resources and ideas to bust thru plateau and grow.

Request to Join Don’t Knock the Hustle: #MomBoss Edition!

I do this by sitting and chatting with you over virtual coffee. 

I do this by being here for my moms who are about that work at home life. 

And what I do makes me happy. 


Because I like helping people but I love helping moms. Because I get to say, “Totally Mommed It!” at the end of the day. 

But most of all, because I get to help other momtrepreneurs say at the end of each session or day,

“Totally Mommed It!”

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