If you're an existing or aspiring momtrepreneur who is interested in growing or starting her online business or blog; Totally Mommed It is the place to be. I have a growing list of resources that are just for you. With a growing community of like minded mom bosses available - you'll find you have support and motivation at all times!

Don't Knock the Hustle: #MomBoss Edition

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I'm, Kanani B., the Blogging Momtrepreneur and I'm happy you took a sec to stop by! This year, I made the decision to follow my dream of running my own online business and helping other moms start their own thing or grow in the biz she already has. I've always been ambitious and the launching of a successful small business with my husband solidified that it was time to walk in my own calling. I hope that with my blog, I can play a part in helping you learn how to start and maintain a profitable business so that you can walk in your calling, too!

Where Do You Wanna Get Started?

Be A Bombshell Blogger

I'm loving my blogging journey and it's totally the 'thing' nowadays. Be warned...blogging is not a get rich quick hustle. You'll need to have creativity, grit and the ability to keep up with the latest techniques to monetize. Wanna navigate the blogging waters with me?

Build Your Bad Ass Business

Businesses that thrive from an at home setting excite me. Like seriously. If you've got even an inkling of an idea then you've got a potential business waiting for you to make your money move. As I build my business, anything I learn, means you learn it, too. Sooo...will you...?

Get Beautifully Balanced

Being a work at home momtrepreneur includes the unique challenges of growing a biz while raising a family. The thin line between Mom and MomBoss can get pretty blurry. Maintaining a positive, productive and self motivated mindset is key for us!  

If you want to....

  • Generate targeted traffic to your website; people who are actually looking for your content or product!
  • Grow that email list you've been struggling with for weeks now
  • Increase your following on Pinterest
  • Set up your Pinterest account to do ALL OF THE ABOVE on auto-pilot with very little time and effort

...then check this out!