3 things to look for before doing an online survey

3 Things to Look at Before Doing an Online Survey

Just an FYI, I may earn some cash or coins from the companies mentioned in this post. Rest assured, that doesn't sway my opinions and I only recommend using products that I've used and loved!

I’m a big fan of making money in non-traditional ways.

I like side hustles just as much as the next bossy mom looking to create a little extra income to go towards wants and needs.

With that being said, I see a lot of people taking online surveys or asking how to get started.

Nothing wrong with that, if it’s legit – but there’s a lot of things people don’t say upfront about participating (or trying to qualify to participate) that you should consider before doing an online survey.

Poke Around Before Giving Up the Goods

Be sure to check out the privacy policy before you give ANY info.

Being able to find a privacy policy EASILY is a good sign. If you can’t find a privacy policy before doing an online survey, runnnn! Some sites are selling your email address and other info to third parties for advertisements and god only knows what. Aside from that type of annoyance you’ll experience by increased spammy emails, you’re opening yourself up to the possibility of picking up malware and spyware on your computer if you open up one of those emails.

Quick tip before doing an online survey...create a separate email address to sign up for online surveys. You don't want your personal inbox to get cluttered.

Get to Know Me

Before doing an online survey, take a minute to get to know the company before you sign up. Look for an About page and a Contact us page. This will give you an idea of who and what the company is about before doing an online survey. Scammers typically omit those pages, so finding one is great. Don’t be afraid to shoot and email to them or pick up the phone and call just to verify they are legit.

Scambuster.Org suggests:

“Use Google or your favorite search engine to see if you can find info on the company, including complaints. (Not finding complaints means nothing, btw. People are often too embarrassed to complain when they realize they’ve been scammed. Or the company may have changed their name or website ten minutes ago.)”

Money Talks

Just like you’d ask your employer how much your paid wage will be…before doing an online survey, you should be doing the same due diligence before giving up any of your info to an online survey company. Do your research and determine how you will be paid and HOW that payment will be received. Many places do point systems and you may have to jump thru hoops to get a pay out or free product.

Quick Tip - Before doing an online survey...cash out when you reach the minimum threshold because there is no protection if the online survey site closes.

After you’ve done your research, and feel that the company is legit, you can start making some extra cash doing online surveys. It’s definitely a great way to earn some extra cushion for your savings account. Be sure to set realistic expectations, tho. Online surveys are not going to make you rich overnight (or maybe ever…) so be patient with the process!

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Have you ever gotten paid for doing an online survey? What company was it and how was the experience? Tell me about it in the comments!


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