How to Create Content Using Your Blog's Comment Section; Comment Content Method

How to Create Content Using the Comment Content Method

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Can't think of your next blog post idea? Create content using the 'comment content' method and you'll always have content ideas at your fingertips.

Your Next Blog Post Is In Your Comment Section

As we’ve been talking about lately, coming up with fresh content ideas for your blog isn’t always easy.

Today I have a great new tip for you to create content and the best part is that some of your post is already written.

This technique is perfect for those busy days when your calendar is full but you want to get a blog post published.

I know you’re thinking…ok, Kanani, spill the details. How do I create content using my blog’s comment section?

So here goes.

Your next content idea waiting for you in your BLOG COMMENTS!

I’m gonna name this method of content planning ‘Comment Content.’

The ‘comment content’ method is really easy to implement and when done right it will allow you to write quickly about a topic that you’re already familiar with.

How do I create content using my blog comments?

Keep an eye out for questions in comments.

Save them, hoard them, and when you need a quick blog post, take that question – copy and paste it into your blog and answer it.

That was easy, wasn’t it?

Of course, you still wanna answer your readers right away when you see the comment come up. Go ahead and do that. But keep a mental tab on this question and ask yourself this:

  • Will other people have the same question? (99% of the time the answer will be yes)
  • Is there more I can share on the topic?

If you answer yes to both questions (and you likely should), then the commenter question qualifies for a follow-up blog post. And that’s exactly what it is; a follow up to the original comment question and your answer.

When you start your comment content blog post, start by introducing the topic or question. Share the question and then let your readers know that you wanted to give a more detailed answer, thus the new blog post. Share the answer you gave the reader in the original comment and elaborate as you see fit.

That’s it.

A quick and easy blog post and for a portion all you had to do was copy and paste.

Format it, add a graphic and you’re ready to hit publish. Rinse and repeat with other questions as they pop up in your comments.Readers love these types of posts because they often had the exact same question, but they were too shy to ask.

Readers love these types of posts because they often had the exact same question, but they were too shy to ask.

If you find yourself with quite a few questions, you may even want to make this a new featured category on your blog. It will quickly become a valuable resource to your readers.

The ‘comment content method’ will save you time in the long run, too!

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By being thorough in your answer, it will not only apply to this exact question but a multitude of related questions. As and when they pop up in comments, all you have to do is reply with a link to the post.

Think of it as a way to create your own personal FAQ section of the blog.

And Voila!

That is the ‘comment content method‘ and yet another way to keep your blog fresh and the good content rolling!

How are you using your comment section to further your blog?

Don’t forget to share this with any other mom bloggers who you think may need some help coming up with quick content ideas!

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