Ebates Cashback + Groupon = Free or Deep Discount

Just an FYI, I may earn some cash or coins from the companies mentioned in this post. Rest assured, that doesn't sway my opinions and I only recommend using products that I've used and loved!

This offer has expired. Sign up for Ebates to be in the know for the next deal!

Hey Totally Mommed It Babes!

You can’t Totally Mom It if you’re not saving coins here, there and everywhere!

I’m a huge fan of Ebates cashback program and I was introduced to it when I joined the Dream Catchers Facebook group, hosted by Tiffany Aliche, better known as the Budgetnista.

If you’re not using the Ebates cashback program, I’m gonna need you to hop on that train and start getting paid to shop!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Pretty much how it works, is you sign up and add the little Ebates icon to your browser and whenever you shop at qualifying stores, you get a percentage of your money mailed back to you as a BIG FAT CHECK!

And I promise, the stores aren’t the little obscure ones that you’ve never heard of, they’re the big brand place like Amazon, Kohls, Walmart, Target…there are so many good ones!

Anywho…like I said before, if you aren’t on that bandwagon, make it happen! You’re missing free money.

Now to the real reason I’m publishing an impromptu post…

I got a notification that if you have Ebates and shop on Groupon between NOW and 6/19/17, it’s 6% cash back on your purchase AND you get a CASH BACK BONUS of $10 with your online purchase.

The purpose of this post is to tell you to check your Ebates and see if you’ve gotten this offer AND give you some ideas on maximizing your Groupon purchase.

Here’s some ideas that I had and I’m still debating which one I’m going to buy!

Fidget Spinners

My kids have been BEGGING FOR ONE!

To maximize this deal, I’d order 2 for $9.99. With the $10 cash bonus, I’m getting these basically for FREE plus the 6% cash back is like them paying me to shop!

There’s a huge variety of different fidget spinners so definitely look around a bit! The light up ones are kinda cool!


Street Graphic Racerback Nightshirt

Another pay me to buy from you type of deal. These night shirts are almost 8 bucks…so you’ll be making money by buying it!

Sam’s Club Membership

One year memberships are usually starts at $45. You can get it on Groupon for $30 PLUS a $5 gift card. Pair that with your $10 cash bonus from E-bates, it’s like you’re paying a little over $13 for your membership. Can you say Totally Mommed It?

Women’s Ruched Tank Maxi Dress with PocketsGroupon Dress

Summer is upon us and I like to look cute and be cool while I do it. 😉 This dress is super cute, especially with the pockets! At $24.99 and ships in 2 days, it’s already a very popular item…but add your $10 cash back plus $6% cash bag, it’s an absolute steal.

InFuzeH20 Fruit-Infuser Water Bottles and Pitcher

It’s hot and we need to stay hydrated to feel fabulous in our new dress…and this pitcher and water bottle combo promises just that! After cash back bonus and 6% cash back, you’re paying only a little over 7 bucks!

There’s so many deals that you can take advantage of on Groupon EVERY DAY and to add some extra incentive from Ebates cashback program is the best!

If you have $10 cash back bonus from Ebates USE IT! You earned it! I always go straight to the Clearance section (just like I do in physical stores. lol!)

If you’ve been sleeping on the Ebates cashback program, sign up now and start racking up your coins and keep an eye out for these bonus cash back days!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Let me know in the comments if you got your $10 cash back bonus and what you purchased from Groupon!

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