I feel like I hear a ton of people say, “Money is the motivator,” when it comes to naming what keeps them going hard for their business goals.

For a while, that’s all that motivated me too.

I had to really dig deep to identify the true “Why,” behind my need to have my own business and have financial freedom and when I did that, I realized that money is so much more than a motivator…it’s truly a mindset. I took quite a few steps to get to what I call my ‘money manifesting mindset’ and to this day it takes effort to maintain that mindset. To be sure that I’m always a thought a way from manifesting that moolah in my business, I use daily mantras to keep my head in the game and my thoughts moving in the right direction.Before you dive into this awesome list of money mindset mantras, I wanna be sure that you know how to use them. I read something somewhere once before that likened mantras to ‘mind protectors.’ To me, keeping these mantras on hand and at the forefront of my thoughts, helps me ‘protect’ my thoughts and mind from what I’ll just call the ‘broke mentality.’ And with any weapon, you need to learn how to use it and practice it to use it to your advantage.

Think of these #mantras as mind protectors to #protect you from the #broke mentality.

How to Use Your Mantras to Manifest Money

So what I have been doing is choosing a mantra and I meditate with it for 10-15 minutes at the start of my day. Doing this quietly in a quiet space feels best for me. I will say the same mantra out loud over and over again, pausing and breathing deep between each. Sometimes I do it silently, too because I don’t want to wake the kids.

Do I do this everyday? I’m gonna be super honest and say, no, not yet. It’s a work in progress for this busy mom but when I am able to accomplish this, my day is off to a rockin start. I’ve been able to stick with it for 4 days out the week now and it’s getting better!

>> I really am a work in progress…see how I’m managing my version of SuperMom!

Since I’m not meditating on it every day I also write my favorite mantras everywhere.

Ok, not everywhere but I put some mantras in areas where I frequent the most. For me, that includes my computer desk, or screen, on the fridge door, on the dashboard of the minivan, heck, I carry one in my wallet. This helps me stay in touch with the mantra thru out the day. One other trick I’ve got is I program mantras into my cell phone. Works kinda like writing it everywhere, except I’m getting a little reminder to protect my thoughts every hour or so because who doesn’t check their phone when they get a message or notification?I’m sure there are many more techniques for mantras and I urge you to google the heck out of it. Those tips are what work for me, though, and can hopefully get you started to manifesting some money in your life!

Money Mindset Mantras for Every Week of The Year

So now, the mantras….there are 52 of these bad mamma jammas so you can focus on one a week. Feel free to mix em up, too. It’s your mind and your mantras, so go with the flow of what works and feels good for you.This list excites me because some of the mantras were given to me from women I totally look up to and I was honored that they gave me their personal mantras that keep their money mindset sharp. The others are ones that I’ve been lovin this year and I’m honored to share them with you.

The Budgetnista Money Mantra Quote

"I am smarter than I realize, more capable than I give myself credit for, and worthy of the dreams I seek."

Tiffany Aliche, The Budgetnista Tweet

"Anytime you part with money, bless it and say, "There’s always more where that came from.”

  • I am a money magnet.
  • My income exceeds my expenses.
  • I do not have to compete for money.
  • People value people who value themselves.
  • It is OK for me to have everything I want.
  • I take good care of my money.
  • I handle money responsibly.
  • I am worth financial security.
  • I am good enough.
  • What I desire, I attract.

"My money mindset/mantra is just a single word: "Abundance."

“I try to frame my business decisions and my financial decisions around this word. To me, abundance means that I have enough. I have enough money, I have enough time, I have enough expertise and experience. Having “abundance” as my mantra means it’s easy to be generous, because I know I already have enough. This mindset also helps me move past fear and take bigger risks because I know I’ll be okay.” 

Emily McGee My Adaptable Career Money Mindset Mantra
  • I have enough to care for my needs.
  • Money flows to me effortlessly.
  • Money is a positive tool to build with.
  • I am not greedy to want money.
  • Others help me get what I want.
  • I am thankful for the abundance of money making opportunities that present itself daily.

52 Money Mantras to Grow Your Business! #manifestmoney #moneymantras #hustle

There is no such thing as a saturated market. My business and message has an audience that will appreciate my work!

– Copywriter & Editor, Adrienne Barnes

Think rich, act rich, and you’ll be rich!

– Author, Vanessa Awong Eya’a

If you need it, then buy it. If you want it, then take a day to think about it.

– Author, Mahlena Rae-Johnson

52 Money Mindset Mantras and Affirmations

"Nothing Moves Unless You Move."

Nia Whaley Money Mindset Mantra

“You are the essential tool in order to build, rise & thrive. It all starts within. This mindset mantra keeps me aware that my actions are the fuel to my increase when it comes to my wealth, worth and wins. I am apart of everything that happens around me… Your actions are what creates your results.”

– Author & Motivational Speaker, Nia Whaley

  • I attract the right people and circumstances that result in income.
  • I let go of all resistance to prosperity and it comes to me naturally.
  • It is OK for me to make money doing things that are extremely easy for me.
  • I am grateful for the abundance I already have and the abundance that is on its way.
  • Achieving my goals is getting easier with each passing moment.

There are #NoLimits to what I can and will #achieve today. #Entrepreneur #BossMentality

Chantel Arnette, Blogging With A Smile Money Mindset Mantra
  • I deserve to be paid well for my skills and my knowledge.
  • It is OK for me to have money making ideas all the time.
  • I am passionate about my business and it shows in all that I do.
  • I am open to money coming to me from places I never imagined.
  • I use my money to do meaningful things and give myself the best in life.

"Money is not my goal, but it gives me a way to measure if what I am doing is providing value."

As a professional blogger, it is important to measure whether you are providing value to your readers. There are multiple ways to do that, including website traffic, email engagement (open rates, click through, and replies), social media followers and of course, whether your audience is excited to buy your products or services. So, even though money is not my ultimate goal, it does serve as a useful way to measure whether I am solving problems for my audience and helping them with their pain points.

-Chantel Arnett, Blogging With A Smile

#Money flows to me easily, frequently and #abundantly. #MoneyMantras #HustleMantras

  • I am open to money coming to me from places I never imagined.
  • My business allows me to have the life I love.
  • I see opportunities in everything.
  • I do not have to spend all that I earn.
  • I am rich with opportunities to fulfill my goals.
  • I am responsible for my financial success, and no one else.
  • Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.

It is OK to surround myself around others who are wealthy.

Join Don't Knock the Hustle Mom Boss Edition Facebook Group

This is one of my faves. I was raised listening to my mother essentially preach to me that ”Birds of a feather, flock together.” That is so true! Surrounding myself with like minded momtrepreneurs has been KEY in welcoming money into my life! I loved the effect of surrounding myself with awesome #HustleMama’s so much that I started my own Facebook group just for us. If you’re an existing or aspiring momtrepreneur, I’d love to have ya!

  • Every dollar I spend comes back two fold.
  • I give freely so that I can receive freely.
  • I have more money coming in than going out.
  • My skills and abilities improve the lives of others.
  • I can have enjoy life and make money at the same time.
  • My abundance is making everyone better off.
  • My business allows me to have the have and live the life I love.

Today, I let go of my #excuses. I am #productive and #focused on #results.

If even ONE of these Money Mantras resonated with you, be sure to share it. Remember, to give is to get. If you have mantra that you use to manifest money in your life…I’d love to hear it in the comments!

Who know’s? Maybe I’ll update this list and add yours to the list!

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  1. Oh! I love these so much, Kanani!! So many of them resonate with me, and I like your tip of placing them on sticky notes to remind you. I’m going to do the same. My fave for this stage in my life is “There is no such thing as a saturated market. My business and message has an audience that will appreciate my work!”

  2. I love this! When you’re on a budget and it can be so easy to feel fed up and like you are constantly restricting yourself. But with a mantra it might help you remember that it isn’t about restricting yourself, but about helping you reach a bigger goal.

  3. I love how in depth this post is. The power of positive thoughts especially in relation to making money is the key! Also, never sell yourself short. You are worthy of the prices you charge and never apologize for that.

  4. This is great. I’ve been learning a lot lately the importance of your positive thoughts and mindset. It’s so easy to be negative and unmotivated. These mantras will be a great help.

  5. These are all great! Just keep your mind focused on the positive. Give yourself good vibes all day with positive words like these. What you put in it is what will come out!

  6. ‘People value people who value themselves’ really resonates with me. I have a tendency to assume I don’t offer a lot of value, and offer undersell myself. It’s definitely a mindset change I need to make to benefit my business.

  7. This is awesome! I will be honest, I have been struggling in this area and these mantras are everything! My favorite is “My income exceeds my expenses.” Thanks for sharing! This is really going to help me!

  8. Thanks for the affirmations. I’d like to share this one from that was given to me by A. Wilcots
    Every Day In Every Way I AM Getting Better and Better

  9. These are such great positive affirmations! I believe in them so much because I have been able to attract many things into my life. I added a few of your mantras to my affirmation app.

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