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Niche blogging is easier than you think and the benefits are endless. Looking to organize and monetize a profitable blog? Benefits of niche blogging for profit

Sometimes I Wish I'd Started Niche Blogging Sooner Rather Than Later

When I look at the ‘’start blogging” guides I usually see it start off telling you to create your site. Please don’t start there…otherwise you’re gonna be missing the first and most important step if you ask me.

To start a blog, you gotta know what you’re gonna be blogging about first. Duh.

And depending on your blogging goals, that choice can shape quite a bit of your blog journey.


Well, if you plan on just blogging as a hobby and basing your blog just on your personal life (or whatever) then maybe it won’t matter if you don’t choose a clear topic for your blog. Even though, even in that case, I still recommend you get clear on what your readers should expect when they come to visit. That’s how you keep people coming back to your blog time and again.

If you plan on creating a #blog that make you money…you’re gonna wanna get super clear on your niche. 

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And when you do that, you will then have entered the world of niche blogging.

Niche blogs are when you write about one thing, and one thing only. They are a blog with a one-track mind, having one purpose, one goal.

- CoSchedule.com

Why Niche Blogging Works for Me

Friends and strangers are always asking me about blogging and how I make money and all that jazz. While I’m happy to tell my story, they’re always thinking that it’s so easy. Surely, I must just be sitting at my computer, typing up a blog post and voila! Money. Maybe I even post a little something on my Facebook page. Boom, money.

But no. There’s a ton of work behind that.

Keyword research, researching my actual blog posts, constantly promoting, pursuing sponsored post, and let’s not even go into the work that comes into play with affiliate marketing. Not to mention I manage two groups to keep my audience and readers engaged and in touch with me directly.

Through all of this though, all of this is 100% easier since I have niched down my blog.

When I know exactly what niche I’m blogging about and my ideal reader (more on them later!) it helps me stay focused.

Can be honest for a minute here?

I started off blogging on parenting topics that were all over the place. It didn’t do terrible but I was having trouble staying focused on one thing and never quite knew what to write next. I made no money that way.

As I progressed in my blogging journey, I realized that I was passionate about so much more than talking about my parenting experience. I've been thru a lot and often find myself talking passionately about my journey from broke as a joke to momtrepeneur of not one but two businesses and working on a third.

That's what I was enjoying the most so I niched it down as I went.

As my blog grew and the questions about how to start blogging for profit started rolling in, I was even more so inspired to blog directly to my mom readers on how to start their blogging journey. I promised to tell them anything I learned along the way that worked for me.

And getting clear on my niche has been paying off ever since.

Why Niche Blogging Will Work For You

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    Having a specific niche will allow you to create a blogging plan and overall business plan. A business with a plan is a business that makes money.
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    If you choose a niche that you're passionate and knowledgeable about, you'll be able to keep fresh content rolling and you'll be excited to learn more and more about your niche to stay up to date with the latest and become an EXPERT to your readers.
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    That audience that considers you an expert is gonna keep coming back over and over again. Why? Because they know what to expect to you.
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    The same readers who are coming back to you site and think you're an expert...they're gonna tell their friends about you so that word of mouth advertising is totally free and adds to credibility.
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    Speaking of word of mouth marketing...marketing will overall be easier. Why? You'll know exactly who your readers and where to find them and get them to your blog.

All in all, don’t get too worked up about choosing the perfect niche.

I think there’s nothing wrong with getting started with what is making you happy at the moment and running with it. Your blog niche isn’t permanent. I mean, I told you I had to transition about 6 weeks after starting in my blogging journey and it really was a growing pain that was worth going thru.

I’m just trying to help you avoid that particular pain if you can!

Truth is, If you spend to much time thinking about what niche is right for you...you'll never start your blog.

Remember, nothing moves unless you move.

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